Post-degree job choices

Looking for a new job after graduating can be daunting. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to find jobs and maximise the chances of securing the role you want.

Bye bye university, hello future!

Have you just finished university? Are you wondering what to do next? Are you looking for help to find a job you want? Job hunting can be challenging for students and those who have recently graduated. Competition for positions is fierce, and the pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to find the job of your dreams. If you’re looking for employment, or you’re exploring post-degree opportunities, it pays to take steps to give yourself the best possible shot.

Tips to find the best jobs after university

University students have sought-after skills and qualifications, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find a job after graduating. Studies suggest that searches for graduate roles have tripled since 2020 (source). If you’re looking for work, or you’ve been searching for a while with limited success, there are ways to improve your chances of getting a fantastic job. These include:

Working with a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies like Zest4Talent specialise in connecting employers with the best candidates. As a recent graduate, the professionals at Zest4Talent can help you to get a new job by identifying opportunities that match your preferences, objectives, skills and qualifications, giving you time and providing you with advice and support to help you develop your interview skills.

Updating your CV

Your CV is vital when it comes to making positive first impressions and encouraging employers to consider your application. Update your CV, make sure that the information is accurate and relevant, be succinct and tailor each application to suit the individual role. Expert recruiters can help you to polish your CV if you’re struggling to get interviews.

Hone your interview skills

Job interviews can be nerve-racking but they offer amazing opportunities to show your skills and personality and impress employers. Try to practise as much as possible, prepare thoroughly, research the company and think about questions you’d like to ask and questions you may be asked by the panel. Take your time, be confident and above all, believe in yourself.


Finding a job as a recent graduate can be tough. If you’re looking for advice or support, Zest4Talent can help you improve your chances of finding the right job after your degree. Knowing clients as well as Zest4Talent do ensures that the right candidate is placed extremely quickly. Happy client, happy candidate.