Returning to work after extended parenting leave

After extended parenting leave, should you go back to your old job or find something new?

Returning to work after extended parenting leave brings with it a set of new challenges. Even if you’ve kept your mind active, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. The daily new routine (or should we say massive juggling exercise!) that comes after having a child, your perspectives and priorities inevitably change. Nothing is quite the same. 

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Should You Return To Your Previous Role Or Try Something New?

Before having a child, many parents imagine that they will go back to their previous role after parenting leave and carry on where they left off. But that’s rarely how it pans out in reality. Due to new parental responsibilities and pressures on your time, going back to your old role isn’t always desirable or even possible. 

So what should you do? One approach is to ease yourself back into your former role slowly, perhaps part-time. This way, you free up extra hours in the day to cope with the transition from being at home to entering the work force again.

Finding Another Job With The Help Of A Recruitment Agency

Many parents decide that continuing with their old job simply isn’t possible anymore. They’re no longer young, single professionals who can dedicate themselves full-time to their work. 

For that reason, you might want to find a new job that fits your new lifestyle and schedule with the help of a recruitment agency. Instead of trying to shoehorn your existing life around your job, you might want to do it the other way around.  

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